WATCH LOGAN movie review: Why we’re still talking about the ‘Star Wars’ saga

Movie watchers are already discussing the long-awaited sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the subsequent trilogy.

But while most of us can say we’re glad to finally be able to get our hands on the upcoming film, there are those who feel it should be considered canon as well.

Here are some reasons why it’s still a work in progress.

If you want to watch it, you’ll need a compatible deviceThe original trilogy was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, which has its own unique set of restrictions.

And although the movie will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this summer, many fans are still concerned about the film’s legality in Canada.

While there’s no official rule that says movies cannot be viewed in the U.S., it’s believed that the United States has its limits.

So even if the movie does end up in cinemas, some people may not want to be forced to watch the film on their device.

But there’s hopeThe Star Wars movie series is still being developed, and while some fans are hoping the film will finally be made available to U.K. cinemas this summer , many are also calling for it to be considered a canon movie.

The series is currently being developed and the film is set for release in 2019, so there’s some hope it’ll make its way to cinemas sooner than later.

What about sequels?

Yes, there will be a new film in the series.

But unlike in the original trilogy, there won’t be a sequel.

The film will be set in the same universe as the original film, but there will also be a prequel.

The prequel film, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, will be the last film to be filmed before the prequel trilogy, which will feature a new character, Luke Skywalker.

It was released in 1991, which means it’s been a few years since the original films have been released.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a new entry in the Star Wars universe.

There are two options to go forward with sequelsThe first option is to have an entirely new film with a new protagonist, with no previous films in the franchise.

There’s no reason why you can’t go back to the original movies with a completely different cast.

Another option is a trilogy with a series of sequels that are meant to tie into one another, with a common plotline.

That way, you can easily see the different parts of the franchise in different movies.

But for now, you’d need a device to watch a film that hasn’t yet been released, and it’s unclear if this option is going to be made a reality.

There is still hopeThere’s one final option, which is for a film to get made as a limited series.

The idea is that the first film will then become a standalone movie that has been released in theaters.

But if the first movie does well, it could be followed by two more films.

A possible future film is still under considerationThe first two films were set in 2019.

But since the first three movies have yet to be released, it’s possible a new story could be told.

The second movie could also be set after the first two, or the new trilogy could be set following the first one.

There are a number of possibilities for a possible future movie.

But if it’s not a standalone film, a movie based on the original Star Wars could be a possibility.

Star Wars fans are already clamoring for a sequel, but the fact that it’s coming out on a different scale could mean a different story has to be told for a potential sequel.

If there’s a sequel coming, it may not be in the form of a prequelsIt’s possible the next Star Wars film may be set much earlier than the original.

While it’s widely believed the first four films were filmed in 2020, there’s still no official confirmation.

And even if they were, it might not be a standalone story.

The first film could be the first Star Wars follow-upAfter the original four films, Lucasfilm was looking to make a new trilogy, and that was when George Lucas came up with the idea of starting from scratch.

There were a lot of reasons why, but one of the big ones was to avoid making any major mistakes from the first trilogy.

So with the original three films still being considered, it seems like it may be a good idea to make two new films.

There would be a third movie, but that would be set sometime between 2020 and 2023.

However, it would be difficult to get two films into production in such a short time frame, and so it might be a longshot.

The only way to get a new movie out is to make an entire trilogyIf you’re not sure whether you want a new Star Wars, it probably means you don’t care much about the first films, so it’s best to wait for the second trilogy