Watch a movie with a gifted moviegoer!

A moviegoering companion app has been developed that can help you find the best movie of the year, as well as watch a movie or two that is particularly good for you. 

 It was created by the Australian based film company Gifted, and it is called Watch Brooklyn Movie.

The app features a movie rating system, and a selection of movies for you to watch.

The main screen shows you the top rated films on the App Store, as voted by the users.

The user rating system can be accessed via the ‘rating’ button. 

There is also a search function, and the user can search for movies they like by name. 

It’s free for both iPhone and Android users, and will be available for a while. 

For those of you looking to enjoy a nice movie without having to travel to the cinema, Watch Brookelyn Movie has you covered. Posted by Gift at 8:00:00AM