How Trump Can Change the World

Watch warcraft: The Movie article Watch Moonlight: The Musical: Movie Review article Watch Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi: Movie review article Watch War of the Worlds: Movie and TV Review article Read more articles by Matt LevineThe American president will be forced to deal with the effects of the nuclear attack on Japan by the United States and the ensuing nuclear war, according to a senior administration official familiar with the plan.

The U.S. President, Donald Trump, is expected to announce that the United Nations Security Council will vote on a resolution on Thursday that will authorize a massive military strike against North Korea if the North tests a nuclear weapon, the official said.

The president will announce the move during a speech to a joint session of Congress on Friday, the source said.

Trump will also declare a state of emergency and begin the process of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, the White House official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing internal policy matter.

The official, who is familiar with planning, said the move would be in response to the North’s announcement that it had successfully miniaturized a hydrogen bomb.

The United States has long been concerned that North Korea could develop a nuclear-tipped ICBM that could reach the U.N. with a payload of more than 10,000 kilograms, or more than enough to strike the U:s mainland.

North Korea conducted its fourth and largest nuclear test on Sept. 6 and its fifth and largest detonation on Sept 13.