The Secret Life of the American Teenager Who Faked an Epidemic

The secret life of a young man who faked an Ebola epidemic.

The teen was one of three people who took advantage of a “scare campaign” against the pandemic to try to scare people away from attending church, according to a New York Times article.

The boy’s father is also charged in connection with the scheme.

The Times article says the boy’s mother told her son to “fake it” and “stay home” when he went to church on Sunday.

She was able to trick him into thinking he would be able to attend and “scream and scream” about the outbreak when he actually was not.

Authorities say the boy, identified as 16-year-old Noah Zimber, used his Facebook account to create a fake account for himself and then shared photos of himself attending church.

He then texted his mother to let her know he was not at the church.

Authorities believe he was the person who sent the fake message.

He also was the one who allegedly created a fake Facebook page for himself.

Zimbauer allegedly created the fake Facebook account with the username Noah Z.

Zimber was arrested in July and charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit the crimes in New York.

He is being held in the New York City Correctional Center on $250,000 bail.

His bail is set to be set at $1 million.

He has been charged with four counts of making false statements and one count of tampering with evidence.

He was released on $100,000 bond on Friday.

The case has been referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office for a federal investigation.