Time for new movies on Google TV?

The search giant is likely to launch a new movie app in the coming months and will likely push it onto Google TV, according to sources close to the company.

This news is likely related to the upcoming launch of a Google TV version of its Google Play store.

Google will launch a Google Play TV app in April, bringing to fruition its plans to launch Google TV as a standalone app in 2017.

Google has been pushing to launch an Android TV app, which would let users control all the Google TV apps from within a TV app.

This would make Google TV the first Android TV device to have a standalone Google TV app that would allow users to control all of its apps.

Google is likely gearing up to launch the new Google TV App for Android TV, which will have its own separate, separate Google TV UI, a Google spokesperson said.

The company is expected to launch this app in its Google TV platform as well, the spokesperson added.

Google TV will also launch its own YouTube TV app later this year.

Google TV will reportedly launch its YouTube TV App in the US later this summer.