What is WatchBarbie?

WatchBarbies, the most popular app for watching movies and TV shows, has been pulled from Apple’s App Store, citing copyright violations.

The app was available for purchase on Apple’s iTunes Store for a while.

Its removal from the store comes a day after it was named one of the Top 100 most downloaded apps by The Verge.

WatchBarby is a watch face app that lets you add barbie-style faces and custom watch faces to your watch list, which can then be shared on social media.

Watchbarbie uses Apple’s watchOS software to let you change the watch face colors, animations, and themes.

Users of WatchBarberly can add watch faces and watch faces by dragging and dropping icons on their watch faces, and by tapping the bar.

The new watch faces feature lets you create a unique watch face for every occasion, such as Halloween, or a birthday party.

Watch barbie is a parody of Apple Watch and its apps.

Watch Barbie features a large icon on the top of the watch screen that you can change to a watchface to customize.

Apple is pulling WatchBarbeys from the App Store.

Watchbabe was originally released in August 2017.

It allows users to watch movies and tv shows on their Apple Watch.

The app’s creators say the app violates Apple’s WatchKit licensing agreement, which prohibits use of third-party apps.

WatchBarbie was developed by the developer and published on Google Play.

WatchBabe is one of a number of apps designed to mimic Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch Watch apps are often the most expensive, as they require a large amount of Apple Pay, Apple Pay payments, and a dedicated app store.