How to watch Skyfall on your TV

Skyfall is a superhero movie, but there are plenty of superheroes in it too.

And they’re all starring in movies.

Read more 1/10 The X-Men (2006) In this film, Wolverine (Patrick Stewart) is in his third incarnation and has his first major confrontation with the X-men in over a decade.

The film is set in 2099, a year before the events of the original X-books and was a big hit at the time.

It was also a big box office success, grossing $3.3 billion at the box office and being hailed as the best X-movie of all time.

Logan won the Best Director Oscar for director Bryan Singer.

2/10 X-Force (2013) Starring Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult, this X-wing-themed franchise is based on the Marvel comic book series and is set before the outbreak of the pandemic.

It follows Jean Grey (Lauren Ambrose) as she is recruited by Storm (Katherine Waterston) to help find her estranged sister and fellow X-teams member, Rogue (Mila Kunis).

The film was a massive success at the worldwide box office.

3/10 Blade Runner 2049 (1982) In Ridley Scott’s first film as director, Blade Runner, he plays a young scientist, but he’s a scientist, too, with a sci-fi bent.

Blade Runner was a box office hit, earning $824 million worldwide and was one of the highest grossing movies of all-time.

The original film also inspired the Blade Runner TV series.

4/10 Jurassic Park (1993) Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg, is a classic of science fiction, with dinosaurs, alien invaders and robots.

Jurassic Park was adapted into a popular TV series and became one of its most successful films, earning more than $2 billion worldwide and being named the number one film of all times.

5/10 Captain America: The First Avenger (2013), directed by Joe Johnston, was an original comic book comic book film that tells the story of Captain America, a superhero, as he battles against Hydra and its villainous Hydra Agent, Sam Wilson.

Captain America’s first appearance was in The Avengers, while his third appearance was with Captain America & The Winter Soldier.

6/10 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) It’s been a long time since the Avengers were on screen, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of superheroes and heroes, including some of the biggest names in movies and TV.

Avengers: Ultron is the first movie in the MCU to feature Iron Man, Thor and Captain Marvel.

It also stars Black Widow, the Hulk and the Vision.

7/10 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2 (2015).

This sci-fantasy movie follows the exploits of the Guardians of a fictional universe known as Gamora, who is also known as the Star-Lord and Drax the Destroyer.

The Guardians are sent to a remote planet on a mission to help an ancient spacefaring race known as Drax find their place in the universe, which is threatened by an alien race.

The movie is based in the comic book Guardians of The Galaxy, which was published by Marvel Comics from 1994-1999.

8/10 Wonder Woman (2017) This film follows Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) as a young woman who finds her destiny when she meets Diana (Melissa Benoist), who has the power to transform into Wonder Woman.

The story follows Diana’s journey to become the Amazon Princess and she’s set to star in Justice League: War.

Wonder Woman was also the highest-grossing film of 2017.

9/10 Justice League (2016) This superhero team-up movie was the first Marvel film to ever be released on home video, and it stars Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Jesse Eisenberg and Amy Adams.

It tells the stories of two superheroes who have to work together in order to defeat an ancient evil, but both of them have their own agendas.

The Justice League is a DC Comics film and the first time that the Justice League has been a movie franchise.

10/10 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015): In a blockbuster, a film has to hit all three major ticket sales charts.

Star Wars had to do this after it hit all four major box office charts and earned over $1.8 billion.

The Force is not so strong in the Disney-Lucasfilm universe though, so this movie is still a must-see for fans of the Star Wars saga.

1/ 10 The X.M.T. (2006 ) In this movie, Wolverine is in its third incarnation (as seen in Wolverine Origins) and has its first major encounter with the x-men (Patrick Parker and James McArthur) in over an decade.

It is set over a year after the original films and was also very popular, grossting $3 billion