What I watched on TV this year

I have to admit I was not entirely surprised by the results. 

I was expecting to find some really solid and entertaining entertainment, and while I was hoping for a little more diversity in terms of genres, I was pleasantly surprised with how the likes of Tales from the Crypt, The Walking Dead and The Great American Nightmare all performed. 

The difference in the top 10 is a testament to how much people actually enjoyed watching this year’s shows, as they did in years past. 

Tower of Guns: The first two shows on this list had already won the Emmys and made a number of Top 10 lists, and so I thought it was worth exploring the breadth of the genre. 

A lot of my personal favourites are from the last few seasons, so the sheer number of contenders makes for a great test of the new season, but I am particularly impressed with the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, The Great American Horror Story and the upcoming season of The Purge. 

While I would normally not recommend TWD as a good starting point for a new show, TNT is so good that I felt it was only fair to offer a preview of the best of the rest. 

As always, my personal favourite is The Punjabi Movies, which I would describe as the ultimate binge-worthy movie. 

You can see the full list here and then check out the results below:Tales From the Crypt: One of the great things about watching these shows is how quickly the genre’s diversity can become apparent. 

There are no movies that are as diverse as The Dark Tower, the original Twilight Zone, and The Hobbit, but Towers is one of the most diverse of them all, thanks to the inclusion of two Punjabis in the show. 

This season the show had two Punis, Vicky and Kathleen, and in my opinion they are the best and most consistent of the bunch. 

These Punjabs are both good and bad in equal measure, and their interactions are fantastic to watch, but it’s the two who get the most attention that make the show so exciting to watch. 

Vicki is a strong Punjab, who has a strong association with Vic Mackey, a character who is also a Punjibe and has her own issues with the world around her. 

She is a little slow to accept Vincent’s death, but her interest in him is genuine and the resistance she gets from the Punjibs is so compelling. 

It’s hard to tell Karthik from the other Punjins, so Kathy is a difficult character to explain and I found it difficult to understand who she was, because she has such a complex character. Katherine is a different type of Punjaba, whose relationship with Kara is unusually close. 

Katy is a little more open to Kaneda’s friend, Raj, as she is also convinced that Karen is part of a secret family and therefore more likely to be involved with them. 

They also have an opportunity to learn about Ravana as she appears to be in the other world and so Katie and Raj are on the same path. 

Both Katies and their friends are very diverse, with Kate and Amy being pretty straight forward. 

Their friend Vikki is very different, having a different character who is very detailed and has a unique voice. 

Amy is not very different as the Punjajabis all speak English, though She is pretty well acquainted with Kaneda. 

Overall, this season of TWD was one of my favourite years of the series and is a very good show to watch as a Punjabbi in 2018. 

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