How to watch movie and TV shows without a remote

Watch movies and TV series from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, HBO Now, AMC, Cinemax, Cinemablend, Vudu, and more, without having to pull out your remote.

There’s a lot to cover here, but there are two major differences between watching movies on your TV with a remote and watching them on your computer with a touchscreen:You’ll need a lot of different apps to watch a lot more than you would with a traditional remote: Netflix and Amazon will let you stream your favorite movies and shows, while HBO Now lets you watch just a few shows, including Game of Thrones and Fargo.

Hulu, Cinemaplex, VUDU, and Cinemablends all offer an interface for controlling your devices with a tablet or smartphone.

You’ll need to buy a remote for each of these apps, but they are very simple to set up and use.

Here are the best apps for controlling and streaming movies and television shows without using a remote, but don’t worry, you’ll probably have to buy one to use them.

Netflix lets you stream movies, TV shows, and shows from Netflix on your television screen.

Hulu and Cinemapix both let you watch all your favorite shows from Hulu.

AMC and Cinemax let you view movies, shows, documentaries, and music.

Hulu Now lets the user view all their favorites from Hulu and AMC.

The Hulu app allows you to watch all the streaming content from Hulu Plus and Hulu Plus Plus Plus.

Hulu Plus allows you select the shows and movies you want to watch and can also tell you which ones are currently available on your streaming service.

The AMC app lets you select which channels you want your Netflix to show.

Vudu lets you search for movies, tv shows, or shows on your Roku or Fire TV, but you’ll need an additional app to actually stream these shows and videos.

You can use a third-party app for streaming movies.