3D movie glasses: what you need to know

The glasses that could revolutionise 3D movies are finally here.

They are the watch-style glasses made by Google.

They have a very narrow, narrow viewfinder that sits on the bottom of the headband.

There’s a camera at the back, with a sensor and processing that is far more advanced than the current 3D glasses.

Google has built a camera that can record video at resolutions up to 1,800×1,200.

It has a built-in microphone that can take in up to 8,000 metres of video per second.

It’s capable of producing 60 frames per second and is able to record at up to 20 frames per seconds.

There are also two lenses that can be combined to make three lenses, and a depth sensor that can detect depth up to 3 metres (10 feet).

This is the new kind of 3D.

The Google glasses are not new; they’re just a new design, but they are designed to make movies and TV shows easier to make, because they use different lenses to make a 3D picture.

The new glasses are called the Google Glass 3D, and they’re the first new 3D video glasses in decades.

Google says they’re a huge step forward for the video world, and the glasses are the result of more than two years of research and development.

These glasses are actually very different from the current Google glasses.

The current Google Glass uses a very small, flexible sensor that you attach to your face using the Google Play Store.

Google Glass has a more rigid sensor that is attached to the outside of the glasses, like a phone case.

The sensors in the new glasses don’t have a flexible sensor.

They’re more rigid, and you have to remove the sensor to attach them to the headpiece.

This allows you to use them in a more flexible way, because there’s no need to remove them, which makes them a lot easier to wear.

Google Glass 3d is very similar to what we’ve seen with the new Google glasses that Apple launched in January.

The first thing you notice is that it has a very wide viewfinder.

The front of the lens is a smaller lens that can make the picture clearer and more detailed.

You can see it’s a lot larger than the old Google Glass.

It also has a much more flexible lens that you can attach to the sides of the goggles, so you can have a wide angle lens on the top, or a smaller one on the side, or both.

The viewfinder is also much wider, and it’s quite large.

The glass on Google Glass is made of stainless steel.

There is a large aperture for taking pictures, so it can be quite bright.

The lenses are a bit more delicate than the ones on the Apple Glass.

The lens on Google glasses is a much smaller diameter.

It is made up of a steel lens and glass that’s much thicker.

It does a lot better in reflecting light, but also in creating a clear image.

The camera is also made of glass.

It can take 3D images, and also capture high-definition video.

The Google Glass glasses are available now for $799, and we will be reviewing the Google glasses as they come out.