How to watch a game of Football Italian in a restaurant

With the start of the Serie A season, we are excited to be releasing a series of articles highlighting the best restaurants in Rome that offer you the best chance of catching a glimpse of your favourite football team.

As of now, we have selected 20 Italian restaurants and they have been given a score of 90 or higher.

It is possible that some of them may be missed by you but they are all worth the journey.

If you are looking for some great Italian cuisine, you will definitely want to check out these Italian eateries.

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Giotto Italiana, Giotto, Rome 2.

Parma Bologna, Bolognese 3.

Capo Vittoria, Parma, Italy 4.

La Chambre, Milan 5.

La Comunale, Turin This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Milan.

Located in the beautiful, historic centre of the city, you can expect the best of Italian cuisine to come to you in this traditional Italian restaurant.

It’s not all about the cuisine, the atmosphere is also great, with a wide selection of Italian wines and a full bar.

In this dining room, you’ll find a variety of dishes from pasta to seafood, along with an eclectic selection of wines and spirits.

With an excellent menu, this restaurant is well worth the visit, especially if you’re in a hurry.2.

La Cascara, Florence, Italy3.

Siamu, Siam, Thailand4.

La Belle Vie, Pisa, Italy5.

La Tratta, Florence This is a small restaurant in the centre of Florence, which offers a fantastic selection of traditional Italian dishes.

It also features an outdoor patio, so you can relax and enjoy the sunset.

If your family wants to take the opportunity to enjoy a nice meal and enjoy a good wine, you should definitely try this restaurant.2-5.

Restaurants in Rome are a great option for a good night out.

Here are some of the restaurants in the city that offer great options for a great night out:1.

Giochi restaurant, Rome2.

Le Petit Trattoria, Rome3.

La Bistro, Piazza Piave, Rome4.

Barozzi, Palermo5.

L’Arche, RomeThe atmosphere of this restaurant in Rome is amazing.

If it’s your first time to Rome, you may want to try this Italian restaurant as it is situated in the old port city and has a very authentic feel.

The menu includes an extensive selection of fresh Italian dishes, so there is a great selection of dishes to choose from.4.

Capri, NaplesThis restaurant is located in Naples and it has been around for many years, so it is a good choice for a romantic dinner.

It has a great atmosphere, and is a must-try if you want to enjoy some great food in a comfortable atmosphere.5.

Pisa restaurant, Pissaratti, ItalyIf you’re looking for a traditional Italian dining experience, then Pisa is the place for you.

This restaurant is in Pissari, the oldest Italian district in the country.

It was founded by Italian settlers who came to the island to settle there.

It offers a traditional style of Italian dining with a lot of tradition.

This place is a perfect place to start your Italian holiday!1-5: Restaurants and bars in Rome have some great value for money.

Here is a list of some of our favourite restaurants in this area:1-2.

Sarmello, Rome, ItalyThis restaurant in Sarmo is a popular place in Rome.

It serves a good variety of traditional and modern dishes.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, so make sure you try the dishes on the menu.3.

Bar Pazzalino, RomeThis restaurant at Bar Pazalino is a favourite of many Italian diners and it’s one of our favourites in Rome for dinner.

Its an Italian restaurant and its great for a night out or just a quiet stroll.4-5