How to watch ‘Kong: Skull Island’ for the first time: ‘It’s worth it’

“If you are watching this movie in theaters, I would encourage you to make the trip to the theater, not just because of the money but because of what this movie is.

The plot is so much deeper and more intricate than anything I’ve seen before.

You get to see some of the characters who have never been on screen before.

I mean, they’re so rich and famous, they just look like them.

You have to see them all.

The characters are just as complex as the movie itself.

The way they relate to each other, and to each episode.

The actors are so talented.

They have to put on their acting skills, their acting abilities, to make sure that it’s not just a one-act movie.

It has to be a full, continuous arc that we haven’t seen before.”

-Kong, The Legend of the Five Rings, director/writer Bryan Lee O’Malley, in an interview with Collider.