How to watch the 1917 movie movie we just saw

WATCH: The 1918 movie “The Misfits” is the one to watch at this year’s New York City Film Festival.

Watch as a group of teenagers go through a dangerous adventure in their backyard in a new film adaptation of the novel by Ernest Hemingway.

Watch a young man break down as he tells his friends about the horrors of the war and his family’s loss.

WATCH: Watch the 1917 film “The Man Who Loved His Dogs” at this years New York Film Festival article WATCH!

The 1917 movie “Romeo and Juliet” is also a new release.

It is a drama with some of the most memorable scenes from the famous story, written by Sir Walter Scott.

The film is the most popular movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s play and was adapted into a TV series in 1966.

Watch it now at the New York Public Library, located at 9 Park Avenue in Manhattan.