When it comes to dogs, you don’t want to listen to a lot of dog-related movies

The dogs aren’t the only creatures that get into trouble with science fiction.

Some movies, like “Star Trek” and “The X-Files” are also about humans becoming extinct, and some movies, such as “The Matrix” and the upcoming “Ghostbusters,” involve science fiction themes and concepts.

So what are the best science fiction movies that are a bit more realistic?

Here are some of the best sci-fi movies that you can watch while you wait for “Star Wars” and see if it will make you laugh, cry, or laugh again.

Watching movies that deal with the human condition is a great way to learn about science and society.

Some of these movies are set in the 21st century and focus on some of our most interesting topics, like technology and genetics.

But for most of us, these stories are much more than that.

Watch these science fiction films while you’re ready for “The Walking Dead” and get ready for the next installment in the franchise.

“StarWars” is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.