What do you watch every day? The best movies and shows in 2018

Movie lovers rejoice!

We have a list of the best movies in 2018, which is why we’re excited to share it with you.

We’ve done it again!

We’re now updating this list of favorite movies every day.

In other words, it’s not just the best films in 2018 anymore, it is the best of 2018.

Here are the movies we’re looking forward to watching the most in 2018.

Now that the countdown is over, here’s what we think are the 10 best movies of 2018 so far.

We’ve listed them in chronological order from most to least favorite.

Watchlist: Top 10 Most Favorite Movies of 2018:1.

A Wrinkle in Time2.

American Hustle3.

The Revenant4.

The Martian5.

The Theory of Everything6.

The Post Theorem7.

The Interview8.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo9.

The King’s Speech10.

The Big Sick