Why women are voting for the GOP: Women are voting more than men for the party

When women are asked to name their top five issues facing the country, the biggest single issue is immigration, and it seems like a perfect time to revisit the most obvious way to fix it.

We are seeing women, particularly women of color, use the issue of immigration to make a point about a broken system.

In 2016, more than 80 percent of all votes cast in elections were cast for the Democrats.

Yet in 2016, a plurality of women voted for Republicans.

If we are going to solve the problems women face in our society, then we need to have the same policies and the same level of compassion as the Republicans.

This year, in the first poll of its kind conducted on behalf of the Women’s March on Washington, we found that women voted overwhelmingly for the Republican ticket, while men voted overwhelmingly Democratic.

The results of the survey suggest that women are beginning to believe the same messages that Republicans are selling.

We found that when it comes to immigration, a majority of women believe that it is a priority for the country to address the needs of all immigrants.

When it comes on climate change, a sizable majority of all women believe the government should do everything possible to help the environment, and a majority also believe that the government must make sure that all Americans have the ability to get health care and the means to do so.

Women were far more likely to support policies that would help the economy by improving public services and cutting back on waste and pollution.

For example, 70 percent of women who voted for Donald Trump believed that the economy would improve if it eliminated the Environmental Protection Agency.

Just 27 percent of Trump voters believed the economy could be improved if the EPA was eliminated.

When asked about the importance of the Supreme Court, 78 percent of the women who supported Trump believed it was important for the court to rule in favor of the LGBT community.

And just 17 percent of those who voted Republican in 2016 thought it was a priority to eliminate the court.

A plurality of the female voters who supported the Republican Party voted in favor, but a majority voted against Trump.

These results suggest that the majority of the Republican base is now beginning to understand the importance that women have placed on the issues that affect their lives.

They see the issues they care about and believe that women care about them.

Women’s leadership is critical to the Republican agenda, and in order to build a future that works for all of us, they need a woman who understands how to represent them in Washington.

Women are the backbone of the Democratic Party and it’s important for women like me to see the party move forward and make sure women are represented in our ranks.

We also need to recognize that the GOP will not be able to win this election without women’s votes.

We need to listen to the women that voted for Trump and take action to improve their communities.

As a group, we have a responsibility to create a climate in which we can grow the party, and we can take the steps necessary to grow our women’s coalition in the coming years.

I want to thank all the participants in the Women in Politics Caucus, and I also want to express my gratitude to all of the attendees who made this year’s event possible.

In the coming months, I’m sure I will be meeting with other women who have been inspired to become active and to take action, and this year I want you to join me in making sure that we have the resources, the resources to support our leaders in their pursuit of the future that we all want for our country.

I hope that you join me for the next few days in Washington to make sure we make sure the next generation of leaders in this country knows that we are committed to making sure the women and girls of this country are treated with the same dignity, respect, and power that men enjoy.

And if you’re feeling lucky, I have some great plans for you.

Next week, I’ll be holding a series of conversations at the White House, where we will be introducing a new group of leaders who will work on gender issues that are not only important to the future of our country, but also to our future in the world.

I’m excited to have you join us, and hope to see you again soon.

And I want everyone to know that I appreciate all of your support.

Thank you.

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