How to watch movies and TV on your phone

A new app has launched on Android and iOS to allow users to watch video on their phones from Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as catch up on recent TV shows.

The service, dubbed Netflix Watch, will let users log into their accounts and watch movies on their smartphones.

The app can also display a movie synopsis, show ratings and playlists.

Netflix Watch lets users search for movies on a library of over 150 titles.

Netflix says the service will soon be available on the iPhone and iPad, though it is not yet available on Android phones.

Netflix will be launching the service in China in the next couple of weeks.

The app, which is currently in beta, allows users to browse their library and watch videos in a wide variety of genres.

It includes an option to download a movie to watch on their phone, which means it will download the movie and allow users on their smartphone to stream it.

Users can also subscribe to a movie they want to watch and add it to their library.

Netflix is also adding a section to its home page, where users can browse their movie library.

The Netflix app on the Apple App Store.

Image: Netflix source Google PlayImage: Apple