Which movie should I watch in October?

The October release date for a new Disney animated film has been revealed.

A new Pixar film, Shrek: The Musical, will be released on October 11, 2019.

It will mark the first time since 2010 that the animated film is not released on a Saturday, and will be followed by another new film, Cars 3, on November 18.

The next film will be Frozen on November 25, 2019, followed by Finding Dory on December 1, 2019 and the live-action Beauty and the Beast on December 8, 2019; the next film in the series, which is still being made, will follow on December 15, 2019 (although it will not be called Finding Dorm.

Disney has yet to announce the next title, but it is expected to be called Beauty and The Beast).

 The new movie will be produced by Disney, with the studio’s Pixar chief having been previously hired by Disney.

A lot of the film’s plots are still being worked out, and there have been no announcements about the plot for the new film.

The release of the first film was announced at the Disney Infinity Expo event in Anaheim, California on Thursday.

As well as the announcement that Shrek will be available for the first times ever, there will be a special event at Disneyland Park that day, where you can purchase an exclusive ticket for the film and participate in an exciting scavenger hunt.

Disney will also release a trailer for the movie on October 8, with guests being able to experience the film with their own virtual experience and a digital version of the characters.